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A Satellite of the North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association



The Allatooner Ensemble group (for all playing levels) was formed (2009) in response to Satellite members seeking focused work on ensemble skills development and a desire to share their music with others. The group meets in addition to the monthly Satellite meetings; at least twice a month, and sometimes weekly. Participation requires a commitment to attendance, teamwork, focused practice, and interest in playing arranged parts. The ongoing goal is continued refinement of ensemble playing skills at all playing levels. Ensemble members determine the tune repertoires. Individuals interested in participating in the Ensemble group should attend the monthly Satellite meeting to obtain further information.

SATELLITE PERFORMING GROUP (NGFDA Satellite Guidelines – Excerpt)

Satellite groups may evolve to form a playing ensemble/performing group for those who are interested; this may represent the entire Satellite or be comprised of a smaller ensemble group. Either way, the group should be considered to be a sub-group of the general satellite, and therefore should meet in addition to the published Satellite meeting time(s).

What makes an ensemble performing group meeting different from a general Satellite meeting? It is the focused practice of specific pieces with the intent to perform outside the Satellite; the process of developing the ability to play, in arrangement format, as an ensemble; Performing groups should be aware of potential restrictions when playing public domain vs. copy write tunes in public.