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A Satellite of the North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association


Here are some videos that have been collected from YouTube.  Let us know if you have suggestions for other videos to post.


We are starting off with a video from our very own Allatooners Ensemble.


“This is my girlfriend Emily Pritchard and I playing a Dulcimer duet “Old Joe Clark” on our Clemmer Mountain Dulcimers.”


“Steve Eulberg offers a free mountain dulcimer lesson about the strings and notes on the instrument from”


“Stephen Seifert playing Wildwood Flower (PUBLIC DOMAIN) on a mountain dulcimer tuned DAD.”


Noter Lesson “For beginners learning to play Appalachian mountain dulcimer in the old traditional style, using a noter and open drone strings.”


“North Ga Foothills Dulcimer Association Fall Festival at Unicoi State Park Tull Glazner and Molly McCormick play a melody of Smile and Dream on the guitar and mountain dulcimer.”


“David Schnaufer plays mountain dulcimer on his own composition Morning Birds and Here Comes the Sun. Poor David’s Pub – October 26, 1989.”


Jean Ritchie plays Shady Grove on Pete Seeger’s Rainbow Quest


“Steve Eulberg explains how a mountain dulcimer is put together and how the diatonic fretboard (and how it compares to the piano keyboard) works in this free video from View the entire free lesson in the “free stuff” section of website.”